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Project Details
Name: Estudio
Designer: Emiliano Godoy
Year: 2005
Materials: Wood, stainless steel bolts, removable inserts
Finish: Carnauba wax
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 55 cm
Early studies in ergonomics were made using planks with rows of screws or bolts that were inserted at different height to create curved surfaces, where the designer could modify the shape until it was comfortable. The Estudio stool is basically a reinterpretation of these tools on a simple yet a bit more refined piece.


The stainless steel bolts can be screwed in or out to form compound-curves for a seating surface. This allows the user to design his/her seat, experimenting with shapes and minor modifications in the quest for the ultimate seat. The piece then becomes a studying tool, where the shape-finding process is more important than the outcome.