Mar Adentro
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Project Details
Name: Mar Adentro
Designer: Emiliano Godoy
Year: 2007
Material: Glass
Status: IN PRODUCTION by Nouvel Studio in Mexico City
Mar Adentro is solid white on the outside and bright red on the inside. A radial cut allows the inside color to bleed through the skin as it would in an open scar. The piece takes its name from the poem by Jordi Soler, used by the rock band Santa Sabina as the title song for their fourth album.


Mar Adentro was nominated for the Designpreis in 2011 by the German Design Council
Mar Adentro also received a Good Design Award in 2009, awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum


The Mar Adentro collection includes a tumbler and two vases, designed by Emiliano Godoy for Nouvel Studio’s a+d>mx collection. The collection included pieces by 13 of Mexico’s leading designers and architects, with the aim of fostering state-of-the-art glass design.


It was designed with the objective of reducing the percentage of value in the product that comes from raw material and energy use. The piece is blown using one colour on the inside and another on the outside. A special mold that moves while the piece is being blown creates an outer ring that later on has to be cut and polished. The process is very complex and slow, but creates a seemingly impossible piece. Most important, the majority of the cost of the piece goes to pay labour instead of non-renewable resources or energy use.


I wanted to design a product that had minimal material and energy use, but the highest labor possible. Mar Adentro is the result of this unusual approach: maximum effort, minimal results. This way, the sale of the piece transfers disposable income in the most benign form from the hands of the customer to the hands of workers. Sustainable luxury is the best way to accomplish this efficient transfer of money, even in cases like this through a piece with a complex and seemingly inefficient manufacturing process.