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Project Details
Name: Corola
Designer: Emiliano Godoy
Year: 2011
Materials: Wood, electrical components, metal hardware
Dimensions: 60 x 150 x 150 cm (aprox.)
Status: MADE TO ORDER, please contact us
The lamp is made in a thin plywood with wood from sustainably managed forests, manufactured by means of a CNC router, and finished with a eco finish from Livos. The long arms are machined separately, which allows a very efficient use of the raw material. The pieces are assembled by the end user. The piece ships flat in a box that represents less than 20% of the lamps final size, reducing transportation and storage space and associated impacts.


Light comes from efficient, round fluorescent tubes, which can be substituted independently from the ballasts. There is good ventilation for the ballasts and tubes, thus reducing heat and prolonging the components life.


Wood components can be separated at the end of the product’s life, and can be composted or biodegraded, while the metal components can be recycled. Responsible disposal of the fluorescent tubes and the ballast, however, depend on the local conditions where the lamp is disposed off.


Corola is a large lamp that comes from a small package, just like a flower that grows majestically from a small bud. Great things doesn’t necessarily mean a large investment or impact.

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