Hotel de Cortés
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Project Details
Name: Hotel de Cortés
Furniture design: Emiliano Godoy
Design team: Renata Fenton, Ian Ortega
Architecture: Miquel Adriá
Manufacturing: Pirwi
Year: 2009
Boutique Hotel de Cortes is one of the first hotels in the Americas, a jewel of Mexican baroque, converted into a modern boutique hotel. In the heart of remarkable Mexico City, history, design and luxury come together in this iconic house to offer the most exquisite sensations. The building was probably constructed at the beginning of the 17th Century and some years later the order of Saint Augustine converted it into one of the first hospices in the Americas, where the monks were housed before embarking on missions to spread Christianity in the Philippines. In 1780, as marked on the façade, the building was remodeled and became a hotel.


In 2008 a long overdue restoration of the building was commissioned to Miquel Adriá, who oversaw the architectural project and created the overall concept of a new boutique hotel that opened early in 2009. Emiliano Godoy was in charge of the furniture design, which included a family of seats inspired in the traditional Mexican equipal for the patio and terrace, and the interior pieces with graphics and engravings based on the 17th century baroque motives found throughout the building.


The structure of the exterior seating is particularly interesting, as it draws on the pre-hispanic furniture-making tradition in the way the wood elements are working in tension and compression at the same time. The seat is held in place by the wooden sections without glue or hardware, relying only in the weight of the user as the stabilizing element.