Pedro and Pablo
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Project Details
Name: Pedro and Pablo
Designer: Emiliano Godoy
Year: 2012
Materials: blown glass
Status: IN PRODUCTION by Nouvel Studio in Mexico City
The project for these glass plates started from the analysis of the energy used in glass manufacturing, and in particular, the energy and resources used for the fabrication of the metal molds. Looking into alternative materials for mold making with a lower embodied energy than steel (measured at 32 MJ/Kg), the designer experimented with many other heat resistant materials. That is how the idea of volcanic stone molds came about, which has an embodied energy coefficient of 0.79 MJ/Kg. And not only the material requires less energy for its procurement, but also the stone molds are also lighter and easier to make. The final molds for this project were made from the black volcanic rock found in and around Mexico City, and the reduction in the energy used for their making is 99.1%. This impressive reduction helps in lowering the embodied energy of the actual glass pieces.


In addition to the energy argument for using stone molds, a whole new aesthetics language opens up, as very intricate textures are easily achieved with this new technique. Pedro and Pablo are the first two pieces that come out of this process, with more models on their way.

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